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Host: Erica Mason Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Tucker Erica Mason and Dr. Thomas Tucker discuss the instructional leadership, the vision and the strategic plan for DCSD
Mock Congress at Mountain Vista High School
Just as in Congress, students divided into committees. In these committees, students used part of the Design Thinking process by developing empathy around national issues. This was an opportunity for students to learn more about real-world problems that affect people…
Virtual Field Trips with Google Expeditions
What student doesn’t love to go on a field trip? The anticipation of visiting a new location, the excitement to be immersed in a new environment and away from school for a day, and the incredible learning that takes place. We can’t always take our students to all of…
Using TodaysMeet with Elementary Read-Aloud
TodaysMeet is an online tool that teachers can use to encourage student engagement. It allows for active participation from all students, even ones that may not normally engage in conversation otherwise.
Integrating Coding with Content in the Primary Classroom
How can primary teachers seamlessly integrate STEM into literacy? In Kristen Wright’s Kindergarten/1st Grade classroom at Wildcat Mountain Elementary, students use the Blue-Bot coding bot to practice their sight words, and they can do this all by themselves!
We Take Charge at Heritage Elementary
Lori Wheeler at Heritage Elementary developed a passion for personalized learning two years ago in her 6th-grade classroom.  She found power in providing students with voice and choice in their work, helping them understand their personal strengths and areas for growth…
6th Grade Authentic and Sustainable Learning at Larkspur Elementary
How can teachers offer authentic learning experiences in science? At Larkspur Elementary, JoAnna Dietz and the 6th grade team are always thinking of ways to make learning sustainable and relevant to their students’ lives.
Flexible Classroom Makeover: 1st & 2nd Grade at Flagstone Elementary
One of the classrooms in DCSD to undergo a flexible spaces classroom makeover was Brittany Zellmer’s 1st/2nd grade classroom at Flagstone Elementary. When we first stepped into Brittany’s classroom, we immediately saw the tidiness and simplicity of the space she had…
Literacy Night at Iron Horse Elementary
At Iron Horse Elementary, literacy has taken a front stage. Staff and students are focused on using a variety of strategies to engage in text, think critically about text, and use text is a way that furthers learning in all content areas. The literacy night idea came…
Supporting Students through AVID at Legend High School and Sagewood Middle School
Traditionally, middle schools and high schools have had practices in place to support struggling learners and gifted learners. But what about the kids in the academic middle? Kids who might not be working up to their potential? Kids who need organizational support and…