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Supporting Students through AVID at Legend High School and Sagewood Middle School
Traditionally, middle schools and high schools have had practices in place to support struggling learners and gifted learners. But what about the kids in the academic middle? Kids who might not be working up to their potential? Kids who need organizational support and…
Sagewood Middle School Classroom Makeover By Kirsten Sola & Jessica Craig
Mary Hogan at Sagewood Middle School wanted to give her students a modern, bright, and cheerful learning space. We randomly chose her name out of the hat for our Twitter contest, and we quickly got to work to transform her social studies classroom.
Integrated Units: City of Ember By Kirsten Sola
How can teachers integrate Design Thinking, STEAM, Science, and the 4 Cs into literacy? Lindsey Anderson at Cherokee Trail Elementary designed an integrated unit around The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. She used the book as a jumping off point for an engaging unit…