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6th Grade Authentic and Sustainable Learning at Larkspur Elementary
How can teachers offer authentic learning experiences in science? At Larkspur Elementary, JoAnna Dietz and the 6th grade team are always thinking of ways to make learning sustainable and relevant to their students’ lives.
Flexible Classroom Makeover: 1st & 2nd Grade at Flagstone Elementary
One of the classrooms in DCSD to undergo a flexible spaces classroom makeover was Brittany Zellmer’s 1st/2nd grade classroom at Flagstone Elementary. When we first stepped into Brittany’s classroom, we immediately saw the tidiness and simplicity of the space she had…
Meeting the Needs of 6th Graders: Classroom Makeover at South Ridge Elementary
Challeen, a wonderful 6th grade teacher at Southridge was one of our most enthusiastic classroom makeover winners! She had already implemented flexible seating halfway through last school year, so she was well aware of the voice and choice it provided her sixth-grade…