K-12 LITERACY: Integrating Design Thinking in Literacy

K-12 LITERACY: Integrating Design Thinking in Literacy
Integrating Design Thinking in Literacy  
Class Purpose:

Design thinking can happen in any content and in any classroom. In this class, participants will explore how to integrate literacy into design challenges. Teachers will have time to adapt provided examples and create challenges of their own.

  • Generate a possible design challenge

  • Generate literacy activities for the different stages of the design thinking process


Design a full design thinking unit utilizing literacy to enhance the experience for students.

Class Level:  

Introductory - Getting started in an area, examples of possible entry points for implementation, foundational components of a practice/strategy, or big picture thinking around a practice/strategy.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers


Point of contact for class: rachel.brown@dcsdk12.org

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