Promoting a Growth Mindset K-12

Promoting a Growth Mindset K-12
Promoting a Growth Mindset K-12 
Class Description & Purpose:

Participants in this session will have an opportunity to explore strategies to ensure students are making decisions and choices that have a positive effect on their learning through promoting a growth mindset.

  • Support students in the development of “I am the boss of my brain” mentality.
  • Learn and decipher between fixed and growth mindsets in order to promote a growth mindset with self and students.
  • Find, create, and sustain mindset moments for student mastery.

Develop an action plan for adjusting practices in the future ensuring to promote growth mindset qualities in your classroom for your students and yourself.

Class Level:  

Introductory - Getting started in an area, examples of possible entry points for implementation, foundational components of a practice/strategy, or big picture thinking around a practice/strategy.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers


Point of contact for class:

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