60 Second PD - Planning for Change 

60 Second PD - Planning for Change 



Description of Video


In this video, Ryan does a quick summary of the session titled Facilitating Change: Planning for Change. You can access the outline, presentation and all resources in Learning Academy here. Why is it so hard to “change” schools and classroom practices? Participants will examine the change process in organizations, understand how people experience disruption and change, learn how to work within their context in order to facilitate new practices with purpose and success. They will create personalized action steps for facilitating a change within their role and context.




0:10 Change Process

0:18 First Order Vs. Second Order Change

0:55 Model for Complex Change

1:25 Leadership Responsibilities




Change Note Catcher & Model For Managing Complex Change

Model for Managing Complex Change

Qualities of Leadership & Building Capacity Handout

Marzano's 21 Leadership Responsibilities


Key Questions and Comments


  • How can you build leadership capacity to help reach your goal?
  • What is the real change that needs to happen on the way to your goal?.
  • What change elements might be missing or unclear to staff on the way to successful implementation of the initiative; vision, skills, incentives, resources, action plan? 
  • How does the initiative impact student achievement?