Using Data to Differentiate Instruction

Using Data to Differentiate Instruction
Using Data to Differentiate Instruction 
Class Description & Purpose:

In this class participants will develop an understanding of how to effectively utilize data to differentiate instruction in the classroom. Participants will also look at what data they collect, or could collect, to effectively assess student learning a differentiated environment.

  • Review researched-based best practices related to utilizing data to differentiate by content, process, and product.  

  • Analyze how various teachers have utilized data to drive differentiation and effectively assess student learning in a differentiated environment.


Create an action plan that shows how you will utilize data to improve differentiation in your classroom.

Class Level:  

Refined - Practices/strategies at a deeper level of implementation. These classes may offer a new way of thinking and inspiration to implement practices and strategies to refine teaching and learning.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers


Point of contact for class:

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