Explore: Disciplinary Literacy

Explore: Students Demonstrating Disciplinary Literacy
Explore: Disciplinary Literacy

The purpose of this guided learning is to explore the definition of disciplinary literacy and understand how disciplinary literacy is woven throughout the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards.


The content of this guided learning presentation can take approximately 15-20 minutes to get through. The activities embedded within this presentation can vary in length depending on the needs of staff. 


This guided learning experience is best completed in a collaborative group.


Guiding Question:

What is disciplinary literacy?

How does disciplinary literacy relate to student learning in my classroom?


Background Information:

This is the fourth in a series of guided learning presentations that has been developed by CIPG and ASPO as a means to help build standards literacy around the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards (CAS).  Each guided learning presentation can be used sequentially (left to right on the menu of guided learning presentations) or can stand alone. They could be completed in one sitting or broken up into multiple. 

Point of contacts for 2020 CAS Support 

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