Balancing Quality Instruction and Design Thinking

 Balancing Quality Instruction and Design Thinking
Balancing Quality Instruction and Design Thinking  
Class Purpose/Description:

What foundational aspects of curriculum and instruction need to be in place as you consider incorporating Design Thinking into student learning? Once these items are in place, how can you begin to incorporate Design Thinking in an authentic, integrated way which builds on your already existing curriculum and routines?  In this class, learn how to weave Design Thinking into quality instruction.

  • Identify the practices you are not willing to let go of and why these are important

  • Analyze research regarding quality instruction and practices

  • Evaluate yourself in your comfort level of teaching strategies and skills needed for design thinking

  • Integrate Design Thinking into your foundation of quality instruction to further engage students and increase learning
  • Research in quality instruction, self evaluation, and…

    • Projects which will further allow them to incorporate Design Thinking to enhance the learning experience OR

    • Resources to add rigor, deeper content, and/or instructional strategies into their day to day practice

Class Level:  

Introductory - Getting started in an area, examples of possible entry points for implementation, foundational components of a practice/strategy, or big picture thinking around a practice/strategy.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers


Point of contact for class:

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