Overview of Student-Centered Learning

Overview of Student-Centered Learning
Overview of Student-Centered Learning
Class Description & Purpose:

Is your classroom teacher-centered or student-centered? Student-centered learning, also known as learner-centered education, broadly encompasses methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student.  In this class, participants examine the pillars of student-centered learning, evaluate where their current practices fall, and determine shifts to move toward a more student-centered classroom.


Participants will...

  • Evaluate the difference between teacher-centered and student-centered instruction
  • Analyze research and articles that support student-centered learning
  • Self-reflect to determine current state of practice within each of the four pillars of student-centered learning

Develop a deeper understanding of student-centered learning in order to consider instructional refinements.

Class Level:  

Introductory - Getting started in an area, examples of possible entry points for implementation, foundational components of a practice/strategy, or big picture thinking around a practice/strategy.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers 


Point of contact for class: jessica.craig@dcsdk12.org or kirsten.sola@dcsdk12.org

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