Tech Tools for Design Thinking

Tech Tools for Design Thinking
Tech Tools for Design Thinking  
Class Purpose:

During this session we will look at how various Tech Tools can be leveraged in the Design Thinking process to streamline the workflow and improve student empowerment.  


  • Identify a variety tech tools that can support the various stages of the Design Thinking process 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a tech tools based on their workflow needs 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of tech tool from the lense of student empowerment
  • Teachers should identify at least two different tech tools that they are going to integrate into their design thinking process in the classroom.
Class Level:  

Introductory - Getting started in an area, examples of possible entry points for implementation, foundational components of a practice/strategy, or big picture thinking around a practice/strategy.


Audience:  K-12 Teachers


Point of contact for class:

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